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You can run but you can’t hide.


We understand that marketing and advertising are not the same.


All marketing is communication – words equal growth.

“Social Media is my friend”

Now rinse and repeat…

Social Media Training for employees – It is now mandatory!

Social media is a tool that every employee must learn to use responsibly urgently. In decades past when we talked about staff training, computer literacy and machine operation came to mind. A forklift driver spent time learning to operate the machine before going solo, and a novice tree feller learnt to cut the giant trees at a certain depth and angle before he could be entrusted with a section of the forest and with the lives of his fellows.

Social media training is an urgent necessity that most companies around the world have reacted late to its boom not anticipating its rapid coming of age. When the time comes for you to invest in Social Media training in Johannesburg/Pretoria, you will need a competent strategist partner, a company that understands not only your business, but also one that can help/assist with social media for business/companies.

Brandjam is that partner that will guide your staff through professional social media training in Johannesburg/Pretoria. Rapid training in this area as we make up for a late start in utilizing this modern business tool should not be painful or stressful. Trust your marketing partner to help follow in the step of giant corporations like Unisys, Spirit and HP – which have used these platforms not only for sales, but also for controlled and responsible business communication with their followers. Social media training for employees is now mandatory!

The cost for a 1-2-1 session is R495 per hour and fee for a group is R395 per person per hour.