Expand your Business to other Parts of Africa, through Social Media!

Africa is the future, and so is your brand. With the continent’s colonial history fading into obscurity, many new players have emerged, and the competition is rough. China, the US, Spain, India and Brazil, just to name a few, are making this continent the home of their future aspirations. Luckily for us, there is enough space for everyone.

Now back to your business and why you should take your ambitions further north; Countries that have improved upon their technological infrastructure over the past ten years are the same ones that participate in events held on our shores.  This means that they were in a position to send and receive communication. Events like the Leadership Summit have ensured that African leaders and leading business people spend their capital on the development of communication aids and transport infrastructure.

Did you know that some of the big names in SA have almost continuous operations in Africa? Of course you do, but take ATNS for example in any case; they are working to improve all the technology needed to make African airport runways safer and more accessible to modern aircraft. This means that the export and logistics sector will grow bigger and will have a greater reach. The talk of an African airline flying a ‘domestic’ route isn’t just pie in the sky anymore.

Here are the Top 10 African countries to do business in:

  1. Botswana

If products and services work in SA, then why wouldn’t they be relevant in Botswana as well? Historically, Botswana has been the natural direction for expansion for most South African businesses as it offers a growing market, a stable political climate and a currency with potential. With a total GDP per Capita of US$ 15.27 Billion, we are sure that there is a place for your brand over there.

  1. Morocco

Not known for its warm hospitality towards fellow Africans, unfortunately, but with a population of 35.28 Million people, that sounds a little over half of South Africa’s current population. Get in there!

  1. Egypt

With Cairo as the second largest city in Africa, possibilities are endless.

  1. Djibouti

Africa’s newest country now heavily invested in by China and the US, and with safe waters and a sizeable port under construction, we’d like to think that it is the optimum growing market to take advantage of.

  1. Zambia

For the obvious reasons that Zambians already consume South African products.

  1. Nigeria

With Lagos as the largest city in Africa, and with the Nigerian entrepreneurial spirit well known all around the world, this is the first African stop for many South African brands.

  1. Algeria

Low taxes and smooth business process. Sounds like the perfect African dream doesn’t it?

  1. Tanzania

Probably one of the oldest trade centres in Africa, where one will find an open market environment with consumers willing to ty new things.

  1. Namibia

A stable economy and potential for exponential growth. Like Botswana and Zambia, brands that have taken on Namibia would have to change very little in their approach.

  1. Ghana

The president of Ghana has recently expressed his belief in Africa’s ability to succeed. This has inspired the confidence of many potential investors.

Bottom line, Africa is on the move, and your brand has a place on board. Let us take your message where it needs to be heard. Branding in Africa has never been easier.

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