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10 Best Kept African Secrets

Expand your Business to other Parts of Africa, through Social Media! Africa is the future, and so is your brand. With the continent’s colonial history fading into obscurity, many new players have emerged, and the competition is rough. China, the US, Spain, India and...

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Where to from here?

How you do your marketing in the New Year will be as a result of an honest stock-taking of how well or how badly you have done in 2016. This year has gone by very quickly and surely it will be remembered in many ways as the year of digital marketing. The year of...

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Same marketing, different flavours

Variety is still the spice of life. I love chicken, and I am sure that you do love it too. There many ways to enjoy chicken: lemon and herb, curried, roasted, fried, BBQed, stir-fried etc. Time passes by, generations come and go, but every day we are still looking for...

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Put your image where your money is!

The image of your company is undoubtedly the manner in which your customers perceives you. In the New Year, for example, are you going to be the same enterprise? Are you going to cherish the same blemishes, the same inefficiencies? Are you going to better your look,...

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