There is a gigantic need to train everyday people and staff members in the active use and management of Social Media. When SM made its way into every sphere of our lives, no one believed that they, individually, would need to keep current with this new phenomenon. Today, almost all relevant information regarding business, news and events is first publicised in the form of posts of various platforms.

If businesses are to remain current and interactive through all these positive changes, then we should all agree that, there is a pressing need to train the SM illiterate as soon as it is possible in order to optimise every employees’ set of business skills. Social Media Training Johannesburg to better your company’s performance and productivity. The plain truth is that back then, SM was a new beast that no one new how to tame, one that most companies feared. Companies like Unisys, Sprint and HP were the first brave few to begin offering training on this very useful business tool.

In adapting and making use of the various SM marketing aids out there, most companies forget the most important step in becoming social for business: the employee. Training your staff through a Social Media Management Company in Johannesburg benefits you in the following manner:

  1. An improved brand awareness
  2. A wider reach
  3. Creates opportunities for employee engagement
  4. Increased sales
  5. Makes it easier to recruit new staff or procure much needed services

Through limiting staff internet access, companies have limited the creativity of every staff member. People who are able to receive and process incoming information are most like to devise responses that are equally stimulating in nature. In this environment, people exchange creative ideas and services for the benefit of their organizations. SM training works best when HR and the Marketing departments join forces. Both outfits should sit together often and decide for their enterprise what the SM guideline should be.

So far, the impact of SM on our buying and selling in reflected by the following statistics:

  1. 90% of the people that embrace a particular brand, it is because a trusted friend has recommended it.
  2. 71% of current consumers buy a product because it was promoted on SM platform.

Training an employee in the art of Social Selling through Social Media Training Johannesburg is the best way to get the very best out of of them as they represent their unique abilities in adding value to your potential client’s business online. Every company wants their employees to conduct themselves professionally when using SM. Many companies are devising legitimate and amicable ways of boosting sales online on platforms such as Linkedin through constant, live networking while others devise PR campaigns ready to deal with any positive or negative feedback.

Each company should find a trainer that will get the staff members started of a basic SM literacy and policies program. Those that already use SM in their personal lives should learn how to use this tool properly for business following the guidelines established by the HR and Marketing departments. It is necessary to set up of social profiles, define privacy and protect the company from any possible embarrassments.

For much larger organizations, it is always best to select a number of individuals who will be responsible for all matters concerning SM. These candidates should be individuals who already use SM on a large scale. Thy must be equipped to deal with the backlash of poorly thought out posts or comments by either the CEO or any of the executives, product launches and general Media coverage.

Finding competent Social Media Management Johannesburg and Social Media Training Johannesburg is as easy as Brandjam.

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