I believe that customer service is like an umbrella and all the other elements of conducting direct business with clients are tucked all cosy, dry and safe underneath it. This means that if you can get customer service right then the rest will follow naturally.Like offering a quality product at a fair price or delivering when promised.

Consumers buy from people they like, people they can create a relationship with. It’s no longer enough to just provide customer satisfaction, you need to try and create customer loyalty.
Customer service is a vital part of marketing your business. Why? Because consumers talk about customer service, they tweet, post, comment and express emotions unashamedly about customer service.

They will tell every person they know about your customer service.

As consumers we’ve come to expect good customer service and when we don’t we can trot straight down the road to the next business or even easier yet, hop online to find an establishment that not only wants our business, but is willing to earn it.

Top 4 Pointers on conducting customer service:

1. Really care about your customer and the success of their business. In that way, customer service will then come as a natural process.

2.Listen to your customer. Really, listen to their concerns and pick up as much information on their industry as you can.

3.Ask your consumer exactly where it is they want to be in 5 years’ time. Then start planning around this, utilizing their budget whilst still steering them into the right direction, honestly and sincerely.

4.Touch base with customers on projects and always offer status updates. nobody likes to “look”for things or have to make assumptions on progress.

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