You have worked hard and have done exceptionally well this year! Well done! By your presence on Social Media, a light has come on. With the holidays only a hand stretch away, I would understand if you started worrying just a tiny bit about how you will keep this same light switched on during the this seemingly quiet time.

Finding a solution to this tiny problem might involve prescheduling quality content to share during the ´Our offices are closed´ email responses season. You may have to find a company that will manage your SM accounts and hold the fort while you get the well-deserved and rewarding time away from work, quality time spent with loved ones. It is estimated that 83% of known brands who have SM pages ignore their customer enquiries throughout the busier periods, and at times, their customers wait up to 11 hours to receive a response that was expected within the first hour of the post. Perhaps, the content prepared for the holiday season should be one designed for repairing the relationships that you have with your customers by responding to the entire plantation of question posted on your wall.This might help in preparing for a friendlier transition into the activities of the anticipated New Year. In other words, companies that use the holiday season to improve their response time will be unforgettable to the consumer.

Appointing a Social Media management company in Johannesburg that knows your business to look after your communication portal while you enjoy your time at the beach is the responsible thing to do. Retailers will generally get busier than corporate enterprises.

There are those, like me, who love to keep a pulse on their business even when on break. For such, there is a holiday season-friendly way of keeping an eye on business. Consider your potential customer’s state of mind. Something tells me that they might respond less to promotional messages and more to messages of reassurance. They need to know that you are still there to be of service to them. The odd post put together from a customer service point of view may be what they need in order to come looking for you in the later January scramble for business. Here is the formula:

  1. Look to make use of a single SM platform from which to communicate during the festive season.
  2. Select a platform where your paying customers are most likely to congregate.
  3. Make the client service experience a personalized experience for your followers.
  4. Set up alerts where applicable so that you may respond timeously to the consumers.

Does this sound like a lot of work? Well it is, considering the season we are heading for. Again, appointing Social Media Management Company in Johannesburg will the best thing that you have done for yourbusiness all year. A SM management company will be able to track your new followers and afford you the luxury of generating new leads while to you soak up the sun in the Bahamas. ´Forget me not!´, spoken or unspoken, I believe that this is the wish of every successful business enterprise. Our business relationships, like any other, are worth the time and care invested it them. It is during such delicate seasons of the year that we get a rare opportunity to show our clients just how much we care.

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