Now that you have a good idea on how social media works, and know that it is here to stay, I do not doubt for a second that you have been socially enabled to take your business to new heights. The best way to manage your communication, the frequency thereof, is to treat the various platforms as actual sales environments. No one warms to an annoying sales representative that does not give his or her audience breathing space, and an opportunity to digest the amount of information received.

Knowing when to communicate is key                                                          

Most procurement managers, general managers, buyers and other decision makers are generally too busy to open and view social platforms during the morning half of the typical workday. We all come to the office with last nights unfinished business burdens, and anything new augments the stress levels. During this time of the day, the prospective clients may miss out on a great service or product that they actually need simply because they have more pressing matters to attend to first. Similarly, a keen seller will miss sales hat tricksby not being able to identify the optimal moment for introducing his or her thoughts.

Based on the positive feedback to my own marketing efforts, it seems as though the best time to share a business related post is between 12:00pm and 19:00pm. During this period, as I have observed, that even executives find the time to linkin or tweet a thought or two. None of us every thought that spending company time on Facebook could be profitable.

How often should I communicate?

Active interaction on various social media platforms reveals that two posts a day, on different platforms and on different topics gives you enough exposure to attract a valuable following consistently. Communicating twice a day between the times that I have already mention shows your prospective clients that you have your hand on the Business Pulse. In other words, you are keeping up with the pace. Progressive enterprises often look to work with people who are just as progressive if not more, companies or Marketing consultants [in this case] that are on the move. In the old days, you would have to monitor radio, television and various publication to make sure that your message was reaching the audience. Today, and on various Social Media platforms, prospective clients can read, view and share your messages as you publish them.

Remember that the transition from conventional business practise to social business will not be a rapid one, and so take your time in communicating your message, do not feel hurried, but nonetheless, make sure you do communicate. The growth of your business depends on it!

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