In this digital age, most companies are posting and blogging. The general store down the road has a Facebook page, your favourite restaurant just around the corner has a blog and even the bakery across the street has its own little corner of cyber space.

With the evident active promulgation of marketing messages, it becomes necessary to survey every effort to see whether if it is worth the time and resources invested in it in order to keep at it. Every business ought to make sure that it is following the beneficial trends and not just following a trend and lose precious time in the process. The only measuring rod for the relevance of SM is growth.

A Florida Dentist says that since he had become active on Facebook, he has built new relationships. “People do business with people who they’re friends with. Period,” says Greg. . “And Facebook is a great way to get to know people. It allows people to see that I’m a person”

As Greg is building relationships, he has also extended his business’ reach. He has been able to measure just how much his business has grown through friendships. Since he created a FB page for business a year ago, he has generated about 100 leads from which 10 to 15 has now become his customers.

A steel firm that manufactures steel structures and such was hesitant at first in creating a FB page. “It’s steel buildings,” explains the director, “How is that going to tie to Facebook? It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but when we looked at the growth in Facebook and social media, we felt we had to get our arms around it.” That was a year ago, and now the company confesses to have found two excellent uses for FB. One, it can now share photos of their products with existing clients with ease. Two, prospective clients are able to see the full product range by visiting the company’s FB page. Just being present on all social networks, the company noticed that it was actually creating demand for the product in markets that previously showed little to no interest.

Farmers, woodworkers and maintenance shops did not think at first that they needed steel structures, but now, they are fast becoming the main consumers of steel products.

A paint company in Boston began sharing videos and writing blogs on how their products are being used by consumers. This company is active on twitter and Facebook and now enjoys intimacy with customers and global reach, something that was unheard of ten years ago. SM is now the store´s main creator of traffic that leads to their place of business.

I think that by appointing a proper Social Media Management Pretoria/Johannesburg company, you will be extending not only your business reach, but also you will extending the life of your business enterprise. Marketing and branding is a way of exhibiting what you are most proud of, your business. Involvement in SM warrants getting a competent business partner that specializes in Graphic design services Pretoria-Johannesburg.


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