Most horrible holiday advertising begins with the words, ’Take advantage of…’ whatever it is that is on offer, whether or not it is relevant merchandise.The over commercialization of such special days has diluted the hearty family message contained therein. Only smart, caring brands will make a lasting impression this Mother’s Day by going back to basics. Family, love and things that last a lifetime. This is where your marketing message has to begin taking its form.
Brandjam suggests that you sell more than just a product. Promote what is important to your client’s everyday life, family. Stick with the theme. A famous greetings card maker might adopt a specific flower to feature on all the cards for the day or month, for example. Flowers that are presented in different graphical renditions and interpretations, from full rich colour, oil paintings to pencil work – to reflect how the giver feels when thinking about their wife or mother. Customers tend to take a product to heart when it is presented like a perfect gift. When a lot of thought has gone into it, wrapped up neatly and when it is morally sound. When selling a box of tissues, for example, what memories does Mother’s Day bring to a woman with her own kids? When she sheds a tear of joy or of remembrance, is it your product that collects her tears or your competitors?
Remember to celebrate Mother’s Day. Do not beg! Use humour where applicable, and perhaps the Joke will be on men for a change on that day. The energy that goes into each advertisement or promotion should encourage your clients to buy a lasting memory, and that will take care of your brand also in the long-term. Always create a natural feel when promoting your products or services on such an occasion, something that can be accessed easily or something that can be obtained easy. Are you selling shares? Insurance with access to immediate benefits? A service without long queues? Such offers tend to do well during this period.
If still not sure how to proceed, it might be worth your while speaking to a seasoned marketer that offers complete online business solution in Pretoria.

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