Four your business to get a sure return for investing in Social Media, it needs to keep a Blog. This is the powerhouse of your online voice; this is where you get to share your knowledge and expertise, display your products and service and engage your audience closely on intricate matters that usually do not feature in your sales pitch or in your proposals. Your Blog is a watering hole; it is where business comes to drink.

Blogs promote client retention and ensure recurring business. The more you publish, it the better that your clients understand how it is that you add value to their businesses. This calls for you to solidify your relationship with your marketing agent, working closely together to produce content that makes you stand above the rest. Your business does not have to be an enterprise that employs thousands of people in order to be successful, but if it communicates promptly and eloquently, it will maintain a longer reach and a larger following. View your blog as a podium where you make speeches every morning or every evening about how you plan to change the world with your business expertise. The difference between this type of audience and the traditional one is that the readers are never going to walk out on you, on the contrary, they will gather again in the same place the next day anticipating the next presentation – This is how they become believers in your product or service. The more closely you work with your blogger, the more successful your campaign will be.

How do I go about blogging?

  1. Find a marketing agent that has access to great writers. A company that does Website Design Johannesburg or Logo Design Johannesburg will most likely have access to a good creative writer.
  2. Add a Blog page to your existing business website.
  3. Make a list of topics that you think that your clients and prospective clients should be introduced to first.
  4. Make sure that the writer understands your business.
  5. Get involved in the creative process, daily if possible.
  6. Blog and watch your following grow.



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