The big corporations just got bigger, their products more accessible and all people groups now recognize popular brands with ease, even in the most remote parts of the planet! All of this in less than a decade! There is no question that social media is here to stay, and that while you focus on extending your business reach, the independent marketer that you have hired continues to tout your products and services around every corner of cyber space.

A little less than a decade ago, networking demanded time away from the office, and not all time taken away from your business was paid for with new business. The luxury that social media offers every company today, yourself included, is complete networking without the loss of precious time. Facebook boasts of having over 750 million users worldwide, and generally, people with access to this platform and many others are the same individuals with purchasing power. Social media sells to determined buyers.

Companies who caught on late to the rise of social media have created a gap between themselves and their competitors, with their rivals a digital generation ahead of what they are. Communicating companies enjoy selling even to consumers who have never thought of acquiring the product or service on offer, but due to the clear and timely communication of all product and service benefits, the prospective customer simply yields to the invitation to buy. I do not know how many times I thought to myself that WIX, for example, was something I did not really need as freelancer since my marketing methods were good. The more I read WIX’s communication and understood what they were telling me about my business and its future; I became convinced that it was better way for me to acquire a website was through them with which to communicate/list my services. As it turned out, the platforms they offered was exactly what I needed all along. Sometimes, what is being advertised is something that we do need, but not well informed enough about it to be able to make the decision to buy it.Just the other day, a tailor began advertising his creations for corporates looking for formal clothing. Do you think that this precious piece of information arrested my attention? I could not help but follow them all the way to their website to have a closer look!

If you are thinking about the longevity of your business, then you have to think about maintaining a following. Followers are willing participants.Traditional media is a one-way channel, and not everyone is listening to your message, and most people cannot respond to the same message in any case, but the future is two-way communication on all social media platforms. I am sure that all of us at some stage have made sales outside the office, on a social platform. If you have not made any sales on social media thus far, it is possible that your marketer does not understand your desired market.

SilvâniaAraújo, a Brazilian economist, when warning Brazilian enterprises on their lack communication said,“A company that is not communicating is currently not reaching the desired markets”

By Zuko Mbewu

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