Running your own business takes a lot of work but it is important to mention that most of your success is dependent on the caliber of your staff. This rings especially true for design agencies. Having a great graphic designer- whether in-house or outsourced- can put your agency on the map. It important to consider the factors below when hunting for a graphic designer to join your family.

Aspires to be a constant learner

Just like with most professions, a graphic designer should always be willing to absorb as much knowledge as she possibly can. However, unlike most industries it is one without creative or expressive borders or restrictions, which makes it a dynamic and ever-changing profession. A good graphic designer should always be up to date with the newest trends, techniques and styles.

Embraces criticism as part of the creative process

Not everyone is going to like the design you come up with, and not every design will fully capture the message the client is trying to portray. A great graphic designer doesn’t take offense to criticism, but rather sees it as an opportunity to improve and be better at what they do.

Open to different sources of inspiration

Dynamic design is only possible with inspiration. In order to be different and creative with designs, a graphic designer must be able to pull from different sources of inspiration.

Pushing beyond their comfort zone

Nothing great is ever accomplished in your comfort zone- that applies to graphic design as well. As a designer, you come across different companies across different industries who are trying to communicate different messages through your visuals. The only way you can cater to the specific needs of a vast number of clients is by pushing the envelope and trying new elements of design that you haven’t tapped into as yet.

A good listener and articulates ideas clearly for effective communication;

A graphic designer needs to know and understand what it is the client wants, and what it is they are trying to portray. That is only achieved through good listening and communication skills.

Above all else, a graphic designer should always remain professional in all that they do. Whether there is a clash in creative differences, or a disconnect with clients, it is important that they always remember to put their clients’ need first.

Brandjam is a leading marketing and design agency largely because of its high standard of graphic designers. Whether it is web design, logo design, branded promotional items, signage or brochures, you can trust that Brandjam’s graphic designers will deliver innovative, creative and exceptional work that encompasses what your brand is all about.

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