All marketing is communication. Have you thought about how you will promote you products and services this year?

All communication begins with planning, and for that reason, I would do this after having chosen the perfect marketing partner firm in Johannesburg or Pretoria. Businesses everywhere will be asking themselves the question, ‘How will we be promoting my company, products and services this year? How will we go about maintaining visibility?’

In a business climate that is about to experience a growth, companies may need to look into improving the product packaging. Making goods appear more desirable to the eye will have you thinking about the following medley of key communication tools:

  1. Brochures – How can my marketer make my brochures more acceptable to the eye?
  2. Mass mail – What messages can I send by post in order to ensure a wider reach?
  3. Websites – Is my website easy to navigate? Is it informative?
  4. Radio/TV Advertisement – Do I have a sufficient budget for mass media?
  5. Sales and Promotions – At what cost can organize promoters and what are the target areas?
  6. Exhibitions– Which events would be best for displaying products and services?
  7. Press Publicity Campaigns – Does the company have the budget for daily, monthly or weekly articles or advertisement?
  8. Word of Mouth – Due to our very conservative South African culture, this is not quite the leading way in which we market goods and services. In other countries, however, and more so the Americas where people have a more engaging disposition, Word of Mouth trumps any form of marketing.
  9. Social Media – Probably the leading and better adapted marketing tool for South Africa

From tools, we then focus on the overall cost of the campaign. Will there be money saved? Will there be money lost? How much will it cost to organize a Sales and Promotions team? As the advertisements will be seen and heard by thousands, what will it all cost? Each company must find answers to such questions before launching their marketing effort.


Will the company’s message have weight? Will it be hard-hitting? Will it reach a large number of people? Will it be a personalized message?


It goes without saying that your new ads in 2016 will undergo serious scrutiny. For this reason, your team may have to pay careful attention to the tone and accuracy of each advertisement.

Control over your campaign

Will your message reach its intended target audience? Is it suitable for its intended audience?


The purpose of any Marketing effort is to communicate effectively with the target market and to make sales. For an example, if the corner bakery is moving premises this January, it needed to communicate its intentions effectively to its target market in the previous year already so that the customer can make the following considerations:

  1. Will I still get a quality product?
  2. Will the new shop be accessible?
  3. Will the price increase or decrease?
  4. Is there a change in management?

Effective Marketing Communication depends on the marketer that you choose to work with.

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