Social media management is getting more and more traction in South Africa. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of social media agencies in the country. Founded in 2013, Brandjam was right at the forefront of this new age marketing. They remain one of the best and most affordable social media agencies around.

They offer:

  • A unique product offering

Team work makes the dream work! A team of three comprising of the copywriter, graphic designer and you the client, enables them to give you a product that is specific to your brand and business needs. This service covers all aspects of social media marketing.

  • Eye for detail

Our social media management package includes a number of posts designed specifically for your business. We incorporate your corporate and brand identity on each and every one of the social media posts. We do thorough research on your business and industry, so we can give your followers good, relevant and knowledgeable content.

  • High quality design

An experienced graphic designer creates social media posts specially suited for your company. A powerful combination of striking visuals and good content will have your business standing out from the rest.

  • They educate people on a business’s products and services

Social media marketing is more about lead generation and building a loyal following than it is about direct sales. That’s why Brandjam tries to get your followers familiarized with your business and what you offer by using your social media pages as a platform to educate people on your brand, products and services as well as your industry. This also builds credibility.

  • They care about their clients

Your opinion and vision matter to Brandjam. They aim to give you the highest quality service that is tailored to the specific needs of your business.

  • Great value for money!

Brandjam’s social media marketing package of R1200 p/m gets you:

8 posts

80 LinkedIn connections made and marketed to.

80 Twitter followers made

80 Instagram followers made

10 Facebook groups joined

Blog postings

Monthly reports

Other social media agencies are known to charge R9000 p/m upwards for a similar, less comprehensive service offering. Brandjam gives you a service of the highest quality at a fraction of the market price.

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